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About biff's

We’re Biff’s, and we’ve been making the world Vegan AF since 2017

Our mission

We’re Biff’s, and we’re making plants taste out of this world, so we can stay in it.

We know we need a future where plant-based is the norm. But that doesn’t mean it has to be normal.

We’re hell-bent on not just creating the world’s most indulgent plant-based comfort food, but bringing it to as many people as possible.

We’re on a mission to create food that’s not just dinner but an event – tasty, creative, show-stopping and probably a little bit messy. It’s everything you’re craving from a big night out, or in cheeky one in, just without the animals.

…And we do it all whilst trying our damnedest to keep things better for people and planet too.

Biff's Jack Shack Peace Sign Vegan AF

Our Story: From Hackney To Everywhere

Biff’s was founded by Biff and Christa Bloom-Burrows.

Our journey to becoming the UK’s ‘vegan junk food gods’ begun in 2016 when long-time vegan Christa finally managed to convince dedicated burger-obsessive (and former McDonald’s manager) Biff to make the jump to a fully plant based diet.

But, after suffering a string of sad bean burgers that would never inspire anyone to ditch meat, Biff realised that if he wanted to replicate the tastes, textures and downright dirty food he was craving, he’d need to make it himself. So we decided to create a better alternative: Crispy Fried Jackfruit™.

After months perfecting our secret recipe, we bought a van instead of a house and started trading in May 2017 as Biff’s Jack Shack. We quickly grew a scarily-dedicated cult following across London’s street food markets, got invited on to some of the UK’s biggest TV shows and spent our summer feeding people at our fave festivals.

Since then we’ve created restaurants, delivery kitchens and a national wholesale product line – but we’ve always made it our mission to prove to as many people as possible that meat free doesn’t mean giving up on anything. That’s why we’ve hijacked a chicken festival, turned a whole BrewDog bar plant-based and set up the world’s first vegan wingz eating competition (in aid of our charity, obvs).

We haven’t slept much since we first turned on that fryer, but we sure as hell haven’t looked back.

Biff Bloom-Burrows and Christa Bloom-Burrows, Founders

Who are Biff's Jack Shack?

So you’ve heard about our Shack, huh? We started our journey as Biff’s Jack Shack – so if you’re wondering, don’t worry, there’s not suddenly two Biff’s going around. That would be weird.

When we first came up with the Biff’s Jack Shack name back in our kitchen, it made our mums raise their eyebrows, but it made sense: we were literally a guy called Biff, cooking burgers made from jackfruit, out of our portable street food shack.

However, as we’ve grown and expanded both the types of food we sell and the kinda joints we operate in, the ‘Jack Shack’ name began to feel a bit less relevant to everything we were doing.

We’ll always love jackfruit. And the Jack Shack still comes out sometimes (you can find it at outdoor festivals and events, hell, you can even book it), but mostly we’re the Vegans Formally Known As Biff’s Jack Shack these days.

See How We Make Our Food Vegan AF
Biff's dirty vegan burger stack tower from Biff's Jack Shack