Licking fingers ready. It’s time to meet the only plant-packed wings with a ‘bone’.

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We had a dream to make vegan wings that gave you all the texture, flavour and messiness of chicken, but made from fruit. Our Crispy Jackfruit Wings™ are the result.

Made from succulent jackfruit cooked in Biff’s own secret blend of herbs and spices, then coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, our iconic Wings are speared with our no-no-notorious sugarcane ‘bone’ – so you can eat them in the way all good wings should be eaten: hands-first.

I've got a bone to pick with Biff's: why on earth would non-meat eaters want to be reminded of meat?

-Professional wing-worrier and potential Biff's fan, Piers Morgan


With no hyper processing, our new Jackfruit 2.0 Wings are hand-crafted with young green jackfruit and natural sugarcane. Made predominantly from fresh ingredients, there’s no GMOs, artificial flavourings, Palm Oil or methylcellulose – and over 50% jackfruit – although you’d never guess it.

We use the natural texture of our jackfruit to make sure every wing is tender, it’s crunchy and most importantly, it’s a dream-team for any type of sauce you wanna dunk in it. Why would you wing it any other way?

Biff's chopping fresh green jackfruit the sustainable vegan meat alternative


We believe that food is first and foremost an experience. And when it comes to a wing, that’s a full eating-with-your-hands, sauce-dripping-down-your-chin, nibbling-around-the-bone experience.

We know for some people this can feel a little weird at first, but we believe that if we’re gonna wean the world off chicken wings, we need an experience that doesn’t just match chicken, but betters it. That’s why our natural sugarcane spear doesn’t just give you something to hold on to, but provides a natural sweetness that soaks up flavours.

Like any other ‘bone’ we don’t recommend eating it, but give it a chew to taste all those juices. After all, a wing without a ‘bone’ is just a big nugget.


From classic combos to bold flavours, our mouth-watering collection of plant-based recipes plucked straight from Biff’s brain, will take your wing game to next level.

Whether you want to simply slather with some BBQ sauce, need the secret to a dairy-free buffalo sauce, or fancy cooking up a Korean-inspired Gochu-Glaze from scratch, if you’re wondering what to put on a wing, we’ve got you covered.

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We’re changing the definition of ‘Boneless’ for the better

- Chief wingman and founder, Biff Bloom-Burrows


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Our mission is to bring the future of wings to as many people as possible, and now we’re winging it all over the UK…

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