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Award-winning plant-based solutions


With our signature and innovative Crispy Fried Jackfruit™ and new Biffburger™, plus accompanying sauces we help you make next-level vegan options for plant-powered consumers and fully-fledged meat-eaters alike. 

Our burgers and wingz look like the real deal, but with one major difference: they’re still one of your five a day.

And – as Europe’s leading B2C vegan delivery brand we know what plant-based consumers want, and we know what it takes for busy kitchens to serve them.

Crispy Jackfruit Wingz™

The most realistic vegan wing ever 

Tender jackfruit in our secret spice mix, hand-formed into wingz, coated with panko breadcrumbs and finished with a sugarcane ‘bone’. Experiential to eat, easy to serve and high-performing in combi ovens and fryers. Blow your plant-curious customers away.

Biff's vegan chicken wings made from jackfruit

The All-New Biffburger™

The next generation of beef-style burgers

Juicy, umami-rich beef-style quarter pounder patties that taste just like the real thing, and performs like it too. With no gluten and with 17g of protein per burger – The Biffburger griddles or fries perfectly, either defrosted or straight from frozen – every single time.

biffs biffburger vegan burger

Crispy Jackfruit Burger Cutlets™

Fast, versatile and one of your five a day

Flavour-packed jackfruit cutlets, coated in panko breadcrumbs to give a I-can’t-believe-its-not-chicken texture. Made for perfectly-built vegan burgers, banging bao, no-chicken katsus, or a plant-based Caesar salad – an amazing alternative to soy and seitan whether baked, fried or combi-cooked.

Biff's jackfruit burger patties from vegan food suppliers

Signature vegan sauces

Our legendary sauces, ready to serve

Add a plant-based punch to any meal with the signature vegan sauces that made us famous: including burger sauce, ranch sauce, spicy maple chipotle and vegan ‘bacon’ jam.  Available in ambient 1kg catering pouches.

Biff's vegan sauces for burgers, wings and other plant based food

Biff's meet our customers needs with great products & a unique brand

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Why jackfruit?

Up to 79% less Co2 emissions

Our jackfruit saves up to 79% Co2E and a burger can save over 336 litres of water compared to chicken

No nasties

Unprocessed, soy-free, GMO-free, and more fibre than a banana – a natural alternative to wheat gluten

No compromise

Fully BRC-certified, we hand-form each burger and wing, using fresh young green jackfruit from farms in Vietnam

biffs vegan jackfruit wingz co2


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